R HORSE 4Pcs Beige Hand Towels with Hanging Loops Absorbent Coral Flee

R HORSE 4Pcs Beige Hand Towels with Hanging Loops Absorbent Coral Fleece

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  • Soft Coral Fleece: This hand towel is made of double-sided thickened coral fleece microfiber, which is very soft and comfortable, when you wipe your hands with it, it feels as comfortable as a feather, unlike ordinary cotton terry towels.
  • Quickly Absorbs Water: Even after wiping with a normal cotton towel, some moisture remains on the hands. However, the microfiber on the surface of this hand towel can penetrate into the crevices of each finger to quickly absorb water and keep your hands dry
  • Hangable and quick-drying: The hanging design keeps the air circulation away from the tabletop and keeps away some bacteria and stains on the tabletop. The suspension is better for air circulation, and the microfiber suede also facilitates quick evaporation of moisture.
  • Unique Triangular Perforated Design: The triangular perforated design makes it more fashionable and beautiful. It's not just a towel, a simple towel can also be turned into a tie-like look by tying a tie.
  • Simple and practical: It is very lightweight and easy to use. Simply place the towel on the handle or rail of the dishwasher and insert the towel into the triangular hole to hang securely on the handle or rail. You can hang it in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, and even every place you need to wash your hands.



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