R HORSE 12Pcs Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Sheets, 12"x 10" Iron On

R HORSE 12Pcs Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Sheets, 12"x 10" Iron On Vinyl for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, HTV Glitter Bundle of Heat Press Vinyl for T-Shirts, Hats, Clothing - 12 Vibrant Colors

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Design Concept

The transfer cloth uses a special thermal transfer ink to print various patterns on a special kind of paper, and then the plate transfers the right pattern to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the thermal transfer process is called thermal transfer cloth. Transfer printing refers to the printing process in which dyes are transferred to fabrics via transfer paper. According to the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes, the disperse dyes sublimated at 150~230°C are selected, mixed with the slurry to make "color ink", and then according to different design pattern requirements, the "color ink" is printed to Transfer paper (this is a special kind of paper, so it is called transfer paper), and then the transfer paper printed with patterns is in close contact with the fabric, and under the control of a certain temperature, pressure and time, it enters the fabric through diffusion Inside, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring. We have specially designed many styles of transfer fabrics to meet people's different requirements; for example, the transfer fabrics have different colors in 12-piece, 14-piece, and 6-piece sets, allowing people to make patterns of different colors. Laser transfer fabrics, Luminous transfer cloth, reflective transfer cloth can let people have different styles of patterns, leopard print transfer cloth, black transfer cloth, black and white check transfer cloth and so on. People can use different styles of transfer cloth to design different patterns and wear their own style.


  • GLITTER HTV VINYL -- Contains 12 Sheets of Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl with different vibrant and popular colors. Suitable for creative DIY projects. Each sheet measures 12 x 10 inch. They are heat resistant, water proof, reusable and easy to clean.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL-- These Glitter Vinyl Heat Transfer sheets are made of the high quality polyurethane. Easy to cut into any pattern and design with scissors, craft knife, Silhouette Cameo or any other crafting machine, etc.
  • EASY TO CUT & WEED & TRANSFER :For machine, use slow cutting mode to cut, make sure the cream white side(cutting side)is on top.Do a test cut first is recommended.Then, press the vinyl and fabric with iron for 6-15s (Iron suggest: 150-180℃). Finally, cool down and pull off the film.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR CLOTHING -- The glitter heat transfer vinyl bundle offers vibrant sparkle. They can be transferred by both household iron and heat press to many fabrics such as Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Rayon and Cotton/Poly Blends. Personalize your t-shirts, tote bags, caps, aprons, pillows, etc. with our Glitter HTV Vinyl!
  • WASHABLE & DURABLE -- Each vinyl tape is covered with a transparent protective film. After the glitter vinyl is transfer to the clothing or any other textile, you can peel off the protective film. Cool the pattern down and wait for 24 hours before its first wash. After that your designs will retain their color with no fading, peeling, or cracking even times of wash.
  • R HORSE 12Pcs Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Sheets for Customize Your Clothing

    12 x Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Sheets

    Gold, Silver, Green, Red, Pink, Black, Rose Red, Rose Gold, Orange-Red, Laser Color, Dark Blue, Light Blue

    Each sheet measures 12 x 10 inch.

    [How to Use?]
    1. Just put it on the machine and start to cut. Make sure the cream white side(cutting side)is on top.
    2. Do a test cut first to confirm the suitable cutting depth.
    Iron suggest: 150-180 Celsius degree;
    Time: press the vinyl and fabric with iron for 6-15 s;
    Pressure: medium (20 - 30 pounds);
    Cold peel will be recommended.

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