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20 Pcs Hippie Costume Set Hippie Costume Accessories Vintage Sunglasses Flower Headbands Peace Sign Necklaces Glitter Temporary Tattoo Stickers 60s Party Supplies for Women Men

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  • Design Concept

    Halloween is also called All Saints' Day. It is a traditional Western holiday on November 1st each year; and October 31st, the eve of Halloween, is the most lively time of this festival. To celebrate the advent of Halloween, children will dress up as cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candy, otherwise they will trick or treat. At the same time, it is said that on this night, various ghosts and monsters will dress up as children and mix into the crowd to celebrate the coming of Halloween, and humans will dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious. We specially designed many Halloween products for people, so that people can dress up as ghosts to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Among them, dress up with Hippie Accessories 20pcs, rainbow Accessories 7pcs, 119 sets of Halloween balloon chains, 123 sets of Halloween balloon chains, Halloween pillowcases and many other Halloween accessories to accompany you to celebrate Halloween.
  • Description

  • FOUR ITEMS in a PACKAGE—There are 4 different kinds of Hippie Accessories in one package, 6 different colors sunglasses, 6 peace sign necklaces, 6 different colors flower headbands and 2 glitter temporary tattoo stickers. You do not need to buy your accessories separately.
  • ASSORTED COLOR—Both of our vintage sunglasses and flower headbands have 6 different colors. You could choose the same color or different color to make a collocation and match your dressing style.
  • ELASTIC HEADBANDS—Our headbands are made of elastic rubber bands. With their well-made feature, they would not tighten your head or fall down easily.
  • SHAREABLE PACKAGE—Our hippie costume set is a great gift idea for your friends. You could buy one package and share the costumes with them. With your similar looks, you could be more eye-catching in a party.
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMER SERVICE—Please feel free to contact us if your package has any quality or quantity problems. We would try our best to solve the problems for you. Let’s give it a try and you would not be regret!

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